Timing Belt Repair Brisbane

The timing belt is crucial to the day to day operation of your vehicle and is required to be replaced at particular manufacturer stated intervals as the timing belt wears out. Failure to thoroughly service your timing belt at the specified interval can result in expensive and irreparable engine damage. Common symptoms of a malfunctioning timing belt include a squeaking or rattling noise originating from the engine bay and a burning smell from the engine.

At Professional Mechanic, our team of experienced and highly skilled mechanics have been servicing and replacing timing belts in a full range of vehicle makes and models for almost 25 years. We treat your car like our own and will not rest until it is back up and running the same, if not even better, than it was before.

In most cases, you can predict when the timing belt in your car will need a service (typically 60,000km to 120,000km depending on the make and model, check your logbook) - but for the times when it hits you unexpectedly, Professional Mechanic offer interest free payment plans via Ezi Pay. If you live within 10km of our workshop, we can also provide a free pick up and drop off service.

For your timing belt repair in Brisbane, think Brisbane's favourite mechanic - Professional Mechanic. Call or book online today!



"I am pleased with my experience with Professional Mechanic Pty.Ltd, who did the service on my car. They provided efficiently the service, which the great part was delivery of my vehicle back home, after the service was done. The staff was polite and helpful. I would recommend this business to my friend and will go to them the next time."


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At Professional Mechanic, we understand that car problems don't wait until you have extra cash set aside. They can happen at any time and often do happen at the most inconvenient times for your wallet. This is why we have teamed up with Ezi Pay to take the strain off those expensive repairs and services. Contact our friendly team for more information on payment plans.

*Must be an Australian permanent resident. Must be 18 or over. Must be employed. May need to provide two payslips or bank statements.


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